Trader Joe’s Saves the Day!

Trader Joe's Saves the Day!

While in Massachusetts, I stayed in a hotel called Sanwich Inn in the little town of Sandwich. This town is extremely remote and surrounded by nature and tiny cottage houses. I ended up in Sandwich on my way to Boston and searched for the hotel to stay at. The only hotel in the vicinity was Sandwich Inn, which had a really nice backyard where you could gaze at the innumerable amount of stars in the pitch black, night sky. Unfortunately, right across the street, a very ugly factory was built, ruining the landscape of the valleys and grasslands. I needed to eat dinner, but did not feel like spending $30 on a small (not even filling) entree in a restaurant. I drove for about 30 minutes until I finally found a grocery store, which also turned out to be my favorite….TRADER JOE’s!! in Hyannis. I was ecstatic, and I bought several items that would last me for the rest of my trip. I got a salad, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato chips, mixed nuts, coconut water, and pad thai (ALL VERY DELICIOUS). If you haven’t ever been to Trader Joe’s, I definitely think you should go for good quality and cheap foods:)

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