All Italian Lunch

Mmmm what a day to enjoy hot steaming calzones oozing with cheese and a fresh mussel pasta in white wine sauce! The weather is quite chilly outside as I snuggle in my fuzzy blanket on the couch. I run to my kitchen and whip up some easy dishes for lunch. For my calzones, I take a quick shortcut and use Pillsbury dough instead of making my own. Now, this is a very time-consuming and money saving trick! And it turned out deeeelicious!! I stuffed the calzones with salami (didn’t have pepperoni) and mozzarella cheese. I brushed the calzones with an eggwash and into the oven they went. Serve with marinara sauce.

For the pasta, I used the super, extremely fresh mussels, and oh my, the meat was so plump and juicy!! I cooked the angel hair pasta while I cooked the mussels in butter, olive oil, white wine, lemon, onion, and tomatoes. I threw in a bit of fresh parsley, salt, and pepper. Ok… so washing the mussels was not the most exciting part, but the result is totally worth it! I removed the mussels from the shells and tossed the pasta in with everything. Top off with a bit of fresh parsley and TADA!!! Delicious and quick Italian lunch!



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