Clam Chowder Alternative


Want to enjoy the fresh flavors and creaminess of clam chowder but don’t want all that fat from the cream? Don’t worry because there is a delicious alternative! It all happened when I had no heavy cream in my fridge, but I was really craving clam chowder… and not canned clam chowder. The secret is making potato soup and adding clams to make clam chowder. I didn’t have a potato soup recipe so I just added ingredients as I went, tasting and adding flavors. The potato soup was a base of milk and potatoes mashed up. The mashed potatoes creates a creamy texture instead of cream. I added a little butter, which I used to saute the onions and carrots. Fresh parsley, salt, pepper, and dry parsley were the only condiments I added. The juiciness came from the vegetables and natural salts came from the clams. I removed some clams from the shells, chopped them, and threw them in, while I also added the whole clams. The whole clams really adds to the presentation. I’ve never seen anyone put whole clams in, so I thought it would be really original to add them in. However, I had to scrub the clams really well (like 10 times) to remove all the sand! Yes, very tedious work.

Top the soup off with grated parmesan cheese and fresh parsley for a beautiful presentation! Maybe I was overly obsessed, but I had 4 bowls, and I genuinely regret it, but it’s just so delicious!


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