NYC Day 4

NYC Day 4

The Statue of Liberty!!! My Last day in New York consisted of visiting Lady Liberty, the 911 memorial, and a bunch of shopping before my flight home. Early in the morning, I caught the ferry for an Ellis Island boat tour. I was able to stand on the top deck and enjoy the view, but the wind and the 20 degree weather froze my entire face!! so I cuddled inside with a warm cup of hot cocoa. As we arrived on Liberty Island, I had to walk very carefully because the entire island was covered in snow or ice, I didn’t want to fall on my face! Unfortunately I didn’t get to go up the statue, but I took several pictures and played in the snow, of course. After the Statue of liberty, our next stop was the One World Trade Center / 911 memorial. After several levels of security, I stood where a tragic event happened more than a decade ago. I learned about the survivor tree, which was the only tree on the site that survived the attack. What remained was a stump when it had been found, but they kept it in the same place in the memorial, nourished it, and it now blossoms during the Spring time. I left to memorial to grab some lunch and I shopped for a good 3 hours before heading to LaGuardia and catching my flight home. As I boarded the plane, it began to snow and I really wanted to beg the flight attendant to open the doors and let me play outside in the falling snow, but people had already started spraying salt on the plane. It was sadly the end of my trip. Goodbye snow, and hello hot weather:(

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