Recipe review: ice cream pie


One of my favorite chefs, Ree Drummond, on Food Network was making an ice cream pie for her family. Mmmmmm that sounds like a it-is-not-very-healthy-so-you-can-only-make-it-once-in-a-while recipe. I was in a mood for comfort food that day so of course I decided to try out this recipe for this scrumptious pie! The pie is extremely delicious and the recipe is so so simple. I spent a total of $5 buying the ingredients: $2.50 for 1 quart ice cream, $2.00 for cinnamon graham crackers, and $0.50 for margarine, leaving me with additional graham crackers and 3 sticks of margarine after the recipe. I definitely recommend Ree’s recipe for a delicious twist for your ice cream!

Here is the link to the recipe:


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