Canadian Winter Wonderland

The excitement

A Semi-frozen lake
A Semi-frozen lake

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In all my years, I have only ever seen meager amounts of snow fall from the sky with the exception of piles of stained, dirty snow that lay on the sidewalks from my trip to New York last year. Texas snow is snow that falls to the floor and melts immediately. Snow that slightly speckles the grass so it looks like a bed of grass with head lice. Snow that cannot even be picked up. It has been on my bucket list to see true snow fall from the sky and pile up and bury people underneath. Ok…. maybe not bury people, but piles and piles of snow! My wish came true when I took a family vacation to Canada! I was so ecstatic. I packed my heaviest garments and two pairs of gloves, hats, scarves, and boots. Of course, I stole my brothers luggage space since my heaviest ski coat took up a whole luggage space.

It is 11:30 pm, Vancouver time. Our flight lands safely and we head to our hotel. Umm… there’s no snow but it is freezing cold, and… it’s crazy wet. The next morning our family drove to Banff, Alberta, which was where all the white fluff appears. And it looked like heaven for the whole surrounding was an unclear, hazed white. I stared out the frozen, clouded window of my father’s rental car with my mouth wide open in awe. I felt like a young child who has just received a glamorous dollhouse for Christmas. There were sky-high piles of fluff. After ten grueling minutes of me begging my father to stop the car, we swerved to a restroom stop. The door shot open and I hopped out the car like a crazy lunatic. I reached my hand down and the snow was soft like a pillow. I placed a big grin on my face knowing that I can check off one event from my bucket list. We spent the enjoyable afternoon skating on lakes, hiking through trails, and sipping on hot coca. Day 2 Canada was a great success and I knew that there was so much more to come.

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