Frozen Feet and Hands, but It’s All Worth It

Lake Louise, Alberta

Even two pairs of wool socks and two pairs of my thickest gloves were not enough to block out the frosty weather. My rain boots that rode up to my knees did not stop piles of snow from falling into the crevices of my boots. Maybe I should worn boots that extended all the way to my hips? That would look quite ridiculous…. My trip to Lake Louise in Alberta was quite painful physically, but my eyes were receiving a treat. They got to witness a lake completely frozen, capable of supporting many ice skaters. They got to witness the frozen glaciers behind the mountains. They got to witness heaven on earth! The lake had turned solid and a glowing blue tint glimmered over the ice. Soft piles of snow up to 7 feet lay on the side and any open water was completely frozen. Unfortunately there were multiple avalanche warnings, making hiking alongside the mountains impossible. My face, feet, and hands suffered the agonizing cold but nature’s beauty made up for the pain.

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