Restaurant Review #1 and Remake: Sweet Paris Creperie

photo 1

The Nordic from Sweet Paris

Yesterday I treated myself to the popular local restaurant, Sweet Paris Creperie. There has been so much hype about crepes since they are so “artsy” and instagram-worthy. So on a day off yesterday, my friends and I entered the “must try” restaurant. The entrance is very appealing for they really decorated it to resemble the streets of Paris. The ambiance inside is snug and welcoming. The restaurant is a narrow strip with miniature chairs and tables on each side. The walls are decorated with wallpapers that have the Eiffel tower, Versaille, and … well it’s just very French. There is a turquoise theme among the whole atmosphere which makes the customers very relaxed. I ordered the Nordic which contains smoked salmon, pickled red onions, fresh dill, sour cream, capers, scallions, & lemon. Sounds good… so I thought I would give it a try. I love smoked salmon. I love capers. I love all of the above ingredients!

So.. my crepe review: It was smaller than the other crepes.. but still very large and filling. Overall I would give it a 6/10.. mediocre. The reason is there wasn’t a lot of salmon, but a lot of capers and scallions and A TON OF PICKLED RED ONIONS!! A TON. I liked the pickled red onions but I was a bit disheartened because it tasted like I had ordered a pickled red onion crepe. The flavor was so overpowering that I don’t know how I managed to finish the crepe. On the other hand, my friend gave me some of her Chicken Carbonara. It was VERY GOOD. So creamy, bacon-y, cheesy… everything that is bad for health but the flavors were well put together. Also her crepe was monstrous and overfilling with ingredients. I’d rate her crepe 9/10. It may be a good or bad thing but the crepe was overfilling with bacon. If you’re a bacon lover- this is a great thing. Unfortunately, I am not extremely in love with bacon.

Once I came home from Sweet Paris, I had a craving to make remake some of their crepes, but adding a little twist of my own. The simple crepe recipe from is the easiest and tastiest crepe batter recipe I have ever tasted. Using the crepe recipe, I stuffed my crepe with chicken, meunster cheese, and mushrooms. A cream sauce would go well on the inside

Homemade crepe topped with butternut squash sauce

Homemade crepe topped with butternut squash sauce

The Nordic from Sweet Paris

The Nordic from Sweet Paris

but heavy cream was not on hand so the meunster cheese substituted the cream. On top I garnished the crepe with a butternut squash sauce which I happened to have made a couple of days before and parsley. And all I can say is the crepe was very mouthwatering and savoring. Literally you can add anything into this crepe batter recipe and it will turn out good. The combinations are infinite! Whether you put nutella, peanut butter, banana, or ham and cheese, or beans, avocado, and chicken… Anything will be good. I mean don’t go putting pickles and nutella… or something crazy like that.

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