A Creative Pancake Discovery


Red bean filling

“Ugh, Where is the waffle iron?” I yell, as I scramble around the kitchen searching for the waffle iron. I was seriously craving waffles today, not pancakes, but waffles. The Hungry Jack pancake mix stared at me. Ugh, fine… I’ll just have to make pancakes. However, I found an iron that had triangular molds in the middle. I didn’t know what it was, I have never seen it before, what was it doing in my house?!?! Well, it’ll function the same as a waffle iron. I mixed up the pancake mix and to spice it up, filled the inside with a nutella-peanut butter mixture( one batch) and the other batch with a red bean paste. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it would be a success or a hot mess. Thankfully, they came out nice and clean. The outside was a bit crispy and the inside was light and fluffy. The nutella just oozes our and it looks and tastes irresistable. I am actually glad I couldn’t find my waffle iron because this discovery is amazing! Honestly, I’m pretty sure other people have done this before, but I don’t know about it

Nutella-peanut butter filling

Nutella-peanut butter filling

Red bean filling

Red bean filling

so I’ll just give myself a pat on the back for creating these amazing triangular snacks.

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