Crispy Chicken Bites with Basil- A Popular Taiwanese Night Snack


Chicken with basil

Fried chunks of chicken tossed with a salty-peppery seasoning and basil sure tastes like heaven. It is a very popular street food in Taiwan and many people eat it as a midnight snack. The fact that there is basil overall makes it seem healthier even though you are eating fried chicken. But those bits of greens just makes it seem much healthier than regularly fried chicken. But this is a once in a while snack, right? If health was not a concern, I would certainly eat these everyday.

Chicken Bites with Basil:

  • Cut cubes or strips of chicken.
  • Combine an egg and flour so that it is a sticky consistency
  • Combine potato starch and panko bread crumbs
  • Dip chicken in egg mixture, then bread crumbs and deep fry
  • Fry until golden brown
  • Put all the fried chicken into a brown bad and add white pepper, salt, and basil
  • Shake the bag all around so the chicken are all coated with the seasoning

Serve and Enjoy! Sorry I did not have any measurements. For this recipe I just eyeballed everything but fried chicken is pretty straightforward. Season to taste!

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