Cumin Lamb

photo 2 (8)I don’t think words can describe how savory and tempting this dish is. It will cause anyone to devour multiple bowls of rice, as I had done, which was devastating since I was on my so-called “diet”. Carbs are not my best friend, but I can only put my devouring of 3 bowls of rice in the past. First, I want to say that lamb has a very distinct and unique flavor. I feel like you would either like it or hate it. It tastes a bit stinky, actually. I had tried this dish in many Chinese restaurants and I decided to whip it up myself. The ingredients are quite simple, and if you decide to make this at home yourself, you’ll find it to be so much cheaper than the price in the restaurants. Like… a lot cheaper.


  • thinly chopped lamb
  • cumin powder and seeds
  • yellow onion
  • green onion
  • soy sauce, salt
  • red peppers
  • red spicy oil

Sweat the yellow onions in a pan for about 3 minutes. Add the lamb into the pan and cook until it is almost well done. Add in the green onions, cumin, soy salt, salt, red peppers, and oil. You need to add a lot of cumin since the cumin is not very strong once cooked. Only add a little bit of soy sauce so it doesn’t get too salty. Add the peppers and oil depending on how much of a spicy-fanatic you are. I advise you to keep tasting and adding to get it to match your taste buds. Since I like a bit more spice, I added more peppers, while I toned town the salt. I also added a ton of cumin for cumin is so tasty and very beneficial to health! Well… I should probably go work off my 3 bowls of rice… or not.

-Happy Cooking!

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