Homemade pizza- Great dough recipe



I’ve ordered pizza countless number of times. I just never get tired of it because of the ooey gooey cheese, decadent tomato sauce, and the garlic and herbs on the crust. But pizza, although considered a cheap food, is not so cheap when you order it really often. My pizza bills seem to pile up! Especially since I like a lot of topping on my pizza, my pizzas can range from $18-30 each! I’ve made several attempts to make pizza and each time my crust has gotten better and fluffier. I still remember the first time I made pizza, I didn’t think yeast would be important so I had a flat, rock-looking pizza dough that tasted like concrete:(. However, my most recent attempt has been the most successful, and I have been most satisfied with Bobby Flay’s pizza recipe.

I don’t know whether I will be buying pizza so often anymore since I can make it myself for A LOT CHEAPER and to fit my own taste buds. I am able to add whatever I want on my pizza, sometimes exotic toppings that pizzerias don’t offer, such as capers, shrimp, squid; the toppings sound weird but once on my trip to Taiwan, I ate a delicious pizza with alfredo sauce, mussels, I mean all things seafood. It was unbelievable. The pizza I made today had turkey, spinach, mozzarella and gouda cheese, and basil. Pizza toppings, as I always say, are endless. I say, be brave and add whatever you want! I mean.. no one is judging, right?

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