Cafe Style Sandwich

_DSC0340Spice up a stodgy ham and cheese sandwich with different ingredients that add a kick of flavor. On days when I don’t have much time for lunch, I fix myself a simple ham and cheese sandwich. It gets rather routine though. I’m pretty much tired of the same flavors over and over. But, one can easily boost up the nutritional value and flavors with simple ingredients such as avocado and turkey bacon. Today’s lunch consisted of my typical sandwich bread and cheddar cheese. I then cooked two slices of turkey bacon, sliced a tomato, and cut a romaine lettuce and avocado in half. There wasn’t much assembling; I artlessly toppled as much as I could onto the two bread slices without leaving it in shambles. Further, I was feeling a little pretentious, not that I usually am, as I placed my sandwich on a wooden board and served goldfish (healthier than chips) on the side. The wooden board completes the presentation. In my mind, a sandwich with a presentation like that could be double the price of a sandwich on a plate. It’s what’s trendy now. Presentation is extremely mandatory since people want photogenic food to “instagram”.

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