Spicy Tofu Snacks

_DSC0343Tofu has become a significant part of my diet. I was never a huge meat fanatic so I often went for weeks meat-free. Tofu comes in handy during these meat-free meals since it has a meaty texture and it is quite nutritious. I like to think of it as a portobella mushroom because they are both meaty and filling, while both excellent sources of nutrition. I often saute tofu, fry them, steam them, put them in to desserts. My favorite way of cooking tofu is to saute them with an assortment of sauces such as a thai peanut or coconut curry sauce. However, some days I may be feeling unvirtuous, so I add extra calories to my diet by frying the tofu. I know that frying is catastrophic to health but this is only once in a while.. I swear! It is so scrumptious that it’s hard to control my hand as it instinctively reaches out and grabs one tofu after another even when my stomach is bloated. The recipe is very easy and quick and only requires a few ingredients. I simply used my usual fry batter which consists of an egg and flour mixture and a panko and potato starch mixture. After frying, I tossed the tofu with jalapenos and salt and pepper. This is similar to a brownie; it isn’t something you eat often due to its high fat and caloric content, but when you do eat it, do not go with some healthy version.. go all the way!

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