Pretzel Bun Sandwich

photoPretzel buns have recently become quite popular. Probably because bread has been around for such a long time and people are always looking for a change. I don’t blame bread’s popularity because I myself am a pretzel bread fanatic. If I could have all the bread in my house replaced with pretzel buns, I would. However, it is a lot more expensive and more unhealthy. What makes a pretzel bread so delicious is its consistency: chewy, soft, moist, which differs from a typical dry bread. I recently made my monthly trip to Costco. If you are a Costco fan, you will know that they sell bulk pretzel buns. I often snack on the buns by themselves or with cheese spread and deli meats. Today, I came up with a simple but hearty and decadent recipe for these pretzel buns.

Pretzel Bun Sandwich:


  1. 1 pretzel bun
  2. 1 avocado and  guacamole seasoning
  3. 5 slices of Italian meats (pastrami, salami, proscuitto, coppa)
  4. 1 slice cheddar cheese

Bake the pretzel bun in the oven with the cheddar cheese for 4 minutes and mash avocado in a bowl with guacamole seasoning. Some of the guacamole will go in the sandwich while the rest of the guacamole is for snacking with chips. Add the sliced meats and guacamole into the sandwich and ENJOY! It really is a simple sandwich. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and the ingredients are very easy to find and purchase.

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