Prosciutto & Brie Croissant Sandwich

This gourmet prosciutto and brie croissant sandwich topped with apples and honey is absolutely divine and perfect for autumn!

As the weather cools down, I’m excited to bring out the sweaters and eat some comforting food! With apples in season, I have been adding them to many of my meals, such as this gorgeous croissant sandwich that offers an extra autumn-y vibe. This sandwich includes saltiness from the prosciutto and brie and sweetness from the honey and apples. The flakiness from the croissant is the cherry on top and is a sandwich anyone can indulge in.

The brie cheese is toasted along with the croissant so that the brie will be slightly melted and the croissant is flaky. Prosciutto is cured ham, thus quite salty, and brie tastes more salty when it is heated, so apples and honey are used to complement these two ingredients. Prosciutto and brie flavors can vary depending on the brand. I am including a couple brie products that I have tried before and love:

  • President Brie Cheese 8 oz: This is one of the most popular brands for brie cheese. It is on the cheaper side at $4.82, but has deep flavor and good texture.
  • Dietz & Watson Brie Cheese 7 oz: This is a creamy brie with deep umami flavor. It is $5.53.

Type of croissant used:

I don’t eat croissants often so they are certainly a treat when I do buy them. It’d be too dangerous if I did purchase them regularly as they are insanely addicting! After scouting my local grocery stores for the best and most affordable croissants, I have concluded that Costco croissants are #1 for value and quality. If you have a Costco membership, I highly recommend purchasing the croissants at Costco for they are only $4.99 for 12! This is very cheap compared to other grocery stores that were selling 6 for $6. Before you consume the croissants, toast it in the oven or air fryer for ultimate flakiness.

Prosciutto & Brie Croissant Sandwich

yield: 1 sandwich

total cook time: 5 min.


  • 1 large croissant
  • 4-5 slices brie cheese
  • 4 thin slices prosciutto
  • 5 slices apple
  • 1-2 tsp. honey


  1. Cut open a croissant and place the brie in. Toast or air fry the croissant for about 3 min until the croissant is flaky and the brie is melted.
  2. Add the prosciutto, apple, and honey in to the sandwich.
  3. Enjoy the sandwich as is or serve with a side salad.

*Nutrition facts are estimates.

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37 thoughts

  1. Yum! If only the rest of my family would eat this fancy! I guess that’s normal for a 10 year old and a 7 year old. I think it’s my picky husband that probably would resist it the most. I guess I’ll just be living through your posts vicariously!

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