Hey there!

I’m Jamie, a Registered Dietitian, and I’m here to share my love for food, nutrition, and travel with you all. I live by spontaneity and simplicity, enjoying each day with my openness to new experiences. I have a deep appreciation for food science, the art behind food, and the impact of food and nutrition on an individual’s health.

While I cook all types of food, I place an emphasis on baking and healthy/alternative recipes! Creating recipes allows me to utilize my creativity and craft dishes that are appealing to the eyes.

As you can see, food is extremely important to me, and basically to anyone in the world, as it can bring people together easily. Besides constantly eating, studying, or exercising, I enjoy travelling and am lucky to be able to do so. I am a major adrenaline-junkie and would 1000% go sky-diving or paragliding.


Thank you for stopping by and feel free to browse through my website for recipes and travel stories and tips. Feel free to leave a comment as I would love to hear from you!

Happy cooking!

33 thoughts

  1. Hi Jamie, just came across your blog and looking forward to trying out some of the delicious recipes! Think I’m going to try the Jue Cai He Zi first!


  2. Wow! This site is like a treasure trove of goodies. Thanks so much for liking my post. I’m also new to your blog so I’m curious to know, in your opinion, what’s the tastiest food you’ve made?

  3. Hi Jamie! Loving the blog. How are your studies going with nutrition/dietetics ? I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school to study it but I don’t know yet — it would be a completely different shift from what I originally got my degree in (journalism).

    1. Thank you! I am currently doing my dietetic internship and while it’s a lot of work, I love it! I think dietetics is a great field because even though you end up being an RD, you could work in fields or locations that aren’t just hospitals. Several people from my program had different jobs and majors before deciding to do dietetics so you should definitely look more into it!

  4. A very interesting website you have here! 🙂 Came to your blog following a ‘like’ to one of my posts (mathematicos.in), love the content you have here!

  5. Jamie: Congratulations, as a new subscriber to The Write Cup, you’ve won our July Coffee Bean Giveaway. Could you please contact me at cathalynn@gmail.com to confirm that you have a Canadian address, please. I need your address to send your coffee beans out to you.


  6. Well I love your passion for food, keep doing your thing, that makes you joyful and happy. Your dishes are salivating! They make me hungry!!! Hmm!!!

  7. Your blog is making me hungry!

    And your photo makes me miss Montenegro. For three months that I lived in Kotor, I had that beautiful view (well, without you in it) each time I went running.

  8. Hey there! So happy to see fellow nutrition & dietetics mates. I will be def trying one of your vegan recipes. Much love and greetings from Florida!!!

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