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Taiwan Day 6: I Made It on the News!

  The only time that I’ll ever be famous was the day local Miaoli reporters flocked to the elementary school with their load of technical equipment, ready to interview the principal along with its fellow volunteers, such as me. We had known the day before that the reporters […]

Spicy Tofu Snacks

Tofu has become a significant part of my diet. I was never a huge meat fanatic so I often went for weeks meat-free. Tofu comes in handy during these meat-free meals since it has a meaty texture and it is quite nutritious. I like to think of it […]

Cumin Lamb

I don’t think words can describe how savory and tempting this dish is. It will cause anyone to devour multiple bowls of rice, as I had done, which was devastating since I was on my so-called “diet”. Carbs are not my best friend, but I can only put my devouring […]