A Warm and Cozy Christmas


A Warm and Cozy Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!! The season of giving is so amazing. I handmade peppermint truffles and handed them out to my neighbors. I found beautiful Christmas tin containers and stuffed them with shreds of red paper. I placed the truffles in snowflake Martha Stewart Cupcake liners. This is a great way to gift any type of delicate desserts at a low cost.
I love spreading happiness to close friends and family. This Christmas was one of my favorites! Although we did not drag out all the Christmas lights and decorate our house as much as we did last year, we put up several wreaths and icicles. The inside of our house was filled with candles, cookie jars, and Christmas decorations. I received several lovely items, and I went to two parties today!! Con: I hate the aftermath where I am too full to do anything.