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One Stuffed Quiche!

For lunch today, a huge homemade quiche was made to feed hungry stomachs. I used a simple quiche crust recipe from Emeril Lagasse on Food Network and filled the insides with anything I found in my fridge that was fitting. I used leftover rotisserie chicken, cubed slices of […]

A Creative Pancake Discovery

“Ugh, Where is the waffle iron?” I yell, as I scramble around the kitchen searching for the waffle iron. I was seriously craving waffles today, not pancakes, but waffles. The Hungry Jack pancake mix stared at me. Ugh, fine… I’ll just have to make pancakes. However, I found […]

Smoked Salmon Crepe is Life

What is not to love about smoked salmon? The decadent, salty, savory flavor bursts life into the taste buds in your mouth. Unless you are not a seafood fan, you must love smoked salmon, right? It is not in my fridge often because it’s quite pricy. So when […]