Cozumel, Mexico

Crystal clear waters that seem untouched are what makes Mexico’s waters so desirable. The water was so unbelievably blue and clear that I needed to be convinced that the water was real and not dyed. Maybe I thought it was so fascinating because I grew up next to beaches with brown and sandy water… but it’s just perfect.. like a utopia.. it couldn’t get any better. I went snorkeling with my brother and my dad to see coral reefs and the amazing, vibrant colors of the ocean floor. We saw eel, needlefish, pompano, sea urchin, lionfish and so many other amazing creatures that people are so used to seeing in zoos. It’s funny how I felt because I’m so used to living in the city that it was weird seeing such creatures out in the wild instead of tanks in the aquarium. As I spent my time in the waters I really wish I could become a fish or something (I’m not crazy) but I would swim the entire ocean just to see everything else that is so eye-opening. The only part I didn’t like was that the water was soo incredibly salty. I, unfortunately had a few gulps in my mouth. It literally felt like I took a handful of salt and shoved it down my throat. However, it was so salty that I could lay on my back, float on the water, and allow my skin to soak in the sun.